About us

Vastalla is an innovative IT company that offers consulting services, software development and IT systems consulting with great emphasis on IT security.

Vastalla carries on Research & Development activities, also on behalf of thirds, aimed to the development of systems, subsystems and components in ICT, telecommunications, mechatronics and transports in space, aeronautical, terrestrial and naval domains.

Vastalla privileges a long term perspective and proposes itself as a reliable partner for its Clients and its suppliers. Vastalla strongly believes in building long term relationships with its Clients and with its own qualified suppliers.

Our approach

Vastalla believes that to respond challenges coming from a global and very competitive market it is necessary to offer authentic value to its Clients.

Part of this value offered to its Clients resides in the competencies of its human resources and also in the R&D investments that Vastalla does on a regular basis in-house or together with international partners. These investments aim to deepen futher the internal competencies in Vastalla, to develop an impressive know-how and to increase the company’s intangibles.

Finally Vastalla works keeping quality in highest regard. This means that we offer our Clients valuable solutions aimed at solving their real needs.

Where we are

We are located at Via Nizza 262/1, 10126 Turin (Italy), inside a building that was an iconic FIAT factory with a car race track on its roof!

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