Vastalla offers IT consulting services.We deal with IT and business processes and we use a large spectrum of tools, depending on the specific project’s requirements.

Some of our services

AWS consulting

Vastalla provides Amazon Web Services (AWS) consulting since many years.

Services range on a vast number of ever evolving AWS services, from the core EC2-related services to infrastructure-related domain services (like Route53) or monitoring (Cloudwatch).

Since AWS sports over 200 services in many datacenters covering the world, we helped Clients:

  • to contain and optimise costs while delivering performance increases;
  • to navigate the “forest” of AWS services to find the best combination of them;
  • to successfully migrate their infrastructure or services to AWS.

IT systems consulting

Vastalla provides more “traditional” IT systems consulting services to help our Clients to manage their in-house infrastructure or IT applications.

Considering that some Clients cannot or do not want to go entirely on cloud, we are able to couple on-premise IT systems with cloud IT systems to gain the best of the two.

Business and IT processes consulting

In a modern company every business process has its IT process correspondence. Business and IT processes are clearly intertwined; we help our Clients to understand the interconnections of the two and manage the impacts of changes while maintaining expectations.

Since a company cannot stop because the IT system goes through an overhaul, we take extreme care to plan and communicate the changes to all the personnel involved so to keep the hindrances to the minimum.

GIS systems consulting

Vastalla has developed different Geographic Information Systems (GIS) over the years. In some cases it has taken care of GIS systems already developed that needed a refresh. We are able to design GIS systems from scratch through all the required phases to evolve running GIS systems.

Business Intelligence consulting

We worked on different projects ranging from Banking and Finance to Telco sectors.

We can augment our Clients’ analysis capacities defining shared targets. We can design or customize all the necessary applications needed to gain advantage from a Business Intelligence implementation by our Clients, so we can work on datawarehouses, we can perform ETL activities, etc.

We verify and test all the Business Intelligence systems and applications. Vastalla can also take care of its subsequent maintanance and recurring tuning.