Vastalla, along with partners University of Turin (Italy), Université catholique de Louvain (Belgium) and Medical University of South Carolina (USA), has been awarded a place in the 2019 Parabolic Flight Campaign by the European Space Agency. The Consortium proposed to ESA a R&D project whose title is “Spatial Attention and Motor Awareness in Altered Gravitational Environments” (GRAVITO).

GRAVITO will study the effects of microgravity on human subjects using equipment that will adminster specific tests. In the GRAVITO project, Vastalla will design, build and operate these instruments to perform microgravity experiments onboard the specially adapted Airbus A300 ‘Zero-G’ aircraft operated by Novespace, a CNES subsidiary.

The Airbus A-300 aircraft that provides frequent, repeated periods of weightlessness during each flight. For three consecutive days, the Airbus aircraft is scheduled to take off from Bordeaux-Mérignac airport and head out over the Bay of Biscay where the aircraft and its occupants will experience tens of parabolas, each providing about 20 seconds of microgravity.

Stay tuned!