Leading manufacturing experts from research, academia, industry and policy presented the research results of the EU FP7-funded Use-it-Wisely project at UIW dissemination event in Neth-ER (Netherlands House of Education and Research), Brussels on 18th October 2016.

Results will have widespread impact for European manufacturers, enabling the adaption of high investment complex products and services in rapidly changing markets. Speakers at UIW dissemination event examined how this will affect the changing business environment, and customer needs.

“Use-It-Wisely has created innovative frameworks and tools using Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality, as well as business models that allow European manufacturers to face the challenges of rapidly changing markets. The research and development activities of Use-It-Wisely address sustainability and thus contribute to the achievement of the European Commission’s Circular Economy objectives. The breakthroughs of Use-It-Wisely are applicable across many industrial sectors and will have a direct impact on Europe’s competitiveness”.

Use-It-Wisely achieved scientific breakthroughs by creating and validating a holistic systems engineering structure. This structure combines human-machine systems, product lifecycle management, business and organisational dynamics. The project’s unique approach focused on six industry ‘Clusters’, bringing together researchers, manufacturers and their customers. This clustering approach gave the project a distinct advantage – by utilising existing links between research organisations and their respective industries, the project was more productive and resulted in greater benefits for the customer.

Use-It-Wisely comprised 20 partners from nine European countries across researchers, manufacturers and their customers. During the three year project, the clusters worked on addressing specific challenges in six sectors: power plant turbines; mobile rock crushers; space products; trucks; shipping; and office furniture.

UIW dissemination event photo

Further info is available on UIW project website.